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Search API

The Search API allows you to search existing items in the catalogue. With the help of this API, you can search through any of the shapes in Crystallize, be it documents, products, or folders. Furthermore, by combining it with topic maps, you can create search filters, smooth navigation and more.

Base URL

The Search API can be accessed by using the following endpoint:{your-tenant-name}/search

API Access

By default, the API is accessible without any authentication but you can change the API access according to your preference:

  • Head over to settings and then select API Access.
  • Choose from one of the options and then click Save.
Search API Access Settings

Example Query

Below is an example query that searches for the term "plant" and returns all the items related to it. Go ahead and press the play button to see the response.

Circle loading spinnerImage of a partial circle indicating &qoute;loading&qoute;.Fetching snippet...

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